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Crépuscule Productions
New album "MwSOUL" of Ghalia Benali
with Belgian jazz collective Mâäk
released in Belgium in June.
Album "A Parulluccia" of Corsican ensemble L'Alba
released on January, 5th
to be released in 2018
17/18 January: BIS de Nantes (F)
03 February: Las Hermanas Caronni in Dison (B), Festival Paroles d'Hommes
06 February: L'Alba in Paris (F), L'Alhambra, Festival "Au Fil des Voix"
07 February: Ghalia Benali & Mâäk in Paris (F), L'Alhambra, "Au Fil des Voix"
13 February: Kareyce Fotso in Rennes (F), Opéra de Rennes
12/18 March: Rachele Andrioli e Rocco Nigro in Austin (USA), South by Southwest
16 March: Las Hermanas Caronni in Sturh/Bremen (D), Women in (e)motion
07 April: Driss El Maloumi in Paris (F), Philharmonie
08 April: Driss El Maloumi in Zürich (CH), Moods Club
10 April: Rachele Andrioli e Rocco Nigro in Stans (CH), Stansermusiktage