Las Hermanas Caronni


Las Hermanas Caronni
Album Santa Plástica released on March, 1st, 2019
Featuring Erik Truffaz, Piers Faccini, Diana Baroni, Minino Garay, Paul Mindy, Moussa Koïta
The sensuality of Argentinian music with a breath of jazz and classic
The talented Las Hermanas Caronni are excellent musicians and singers who love going off on a musical tangent to further adorn and celebrate their Argentinian roots. For their new album Santa Plástica, they have invited jazz trumpetist Erik Truffaz and the entrancing voice of Piers Faccini. Beyond new horizons, they take us by surprise with bits of music by Ravel, Mozart, Bach or Piazzolla, to compose what they cleverly refer to as a "classidoscope". Whether it is about current events, mourning or lost love, the Caronni sisters unequivocally transmit  their pure emotion with light, inviting us to a serene escape. 

"This new album is a kind of 'classidoscope', from pieces of music by Ravel, Mozart, Bach or Piazzolla we wrote eleven instrumental pieces and original songs that speak about subjects that revolt us: the pollution of the air and the sea, the large commercial areas that eat small ones... But also the mourning of our mother, lost love... We playfully amuse ourselves with the Fellinian music of Nino Rota or the atmosphere of the social center of the city of Bègles (where we live) called 'L'Estey', joyful and invigorating like a little brook... " Gianna & Laura Caronni


They are Argentinian, but before all musicians. Born on the same day at 10 minutes of interval, Laura and Gianna Caronni settled down in Europe towards the end of the 90s, to continue their musical studies they started on the banks of the Paraná river, in their hometown of Rosario in Argentina. The two sisters were part of the Academic Orchestra of the Colon Theater of Buenos Aires, as well as various formations ranging from Renaissance music to contemporary repertoire, and traditional music. They performed hundreds of concerts from the age of 12 in the main concert halls of Argentina. They won prestigious national competitions (Foundation Antorchas and Fondo national de las Artes) and pursued their training in France, at the Music Conservatory of Lyon. Then, they work separately on composition, took part to the creation of different dance, storytelling and theater shows. In 2006, encouraged by their fellow musician Juan Carlos Cáceres, they began to work and interpret their own compositions.
Their first album "Baguala de la siesta", was released in 2011 ("The discovery of the season" according to Didier Varrod on French public radio 'France Inter'), followed by "Vuela" in 2013 and "Navega Mundos" in 2015.


  • Gianna Caronni: clarinets, percussions, vocal
    Laura Caronni: cello, vocal